Latin America, stay home

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The message is already very clear, unmistakable.

It is key for Mexico this moment, this is the opportunity. The next few days we have to keep a strict social distance. Human and social responsibility is fundamental.

Stay at home, if it is not necessary to go out, stay at home.

Mexico is in a scenario similar to that which Italy was in at the end of February. In the Mexican Republic, the number of positive cases of SARs-CoV2 virus has already risen and the number of deaths due to COVID-19 has also increased. If we react now, we can avoid a human tragedy.
This is the moment, this is the opportunity.

Share the message, remind everyone you can, that now is the time, it doesn’t go away if it’s not necessary. It’s key to wash your hands for several seconds, it’s key to wash your clothes too. When you sneeze or cough, do it by covering your elbow. Wear a scarf or mask if you have symptoms.

Be serious, stay home.

It’s just advice and my opinion. My judgment is based on what I’ve seen around here and the monitoring of information I’ve tried to do on the subject. That’s why I insist that Mexico is ahead of the curve. It’s up to everyone to take the pandemic seriously and also to remain calm in difficult times. To be careful and to maintain good energy. We’re going to get through this.

Finally, I recommend verifying the information or reading reliable sources. Contrast it, question it and reflect on it. Understand that this is a global crisis and that Mexico and Latin America are on time. As a dear scientific cousin would say, small actions will change the face of the pandemic. Social distance is our best tool.

Stay home.

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Mexican freelance journalist based in Berlin. Someone who travels the world with a small backpack.

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Alonso Monroy Conesa

Alonso Monroy Conesa

Mexican freelance journalist based in Berlin. Someone who travels the world with a small backpack.

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